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Stats, but much simpler.

statscloud is a modern web-based statistics package designed to work on any device. It allows you to complete a range of statistical analyses in a much more accessible way, so it's perfect for anyone new to statistics or professionals who want a more fluid user experience.

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Use it offline on any device.

statscloud can be installed on any device with a few simple clicks (or taps). It was designed to work offline so you never need to worry about lag, logins, or losing your connection. That means none of your data is ever sent over a network; everything is contained safely on your device.

The form view on a touchscreen device A live formula being displayed in the analysis output A screenshot showing the help icon in the top right

Work smarter.

Form view.

Entering data into a spreadsheet on a touch device isn't much fun, so statscloud has a touch-friendly form view to make data entry on phones and tablets much easier.

Live formulas.

Click / tap on a result in your output table and statscloud will show you the formula it used to calculate it. These formulas provide an ideal way for you to show your working in teaching materials or research articles.

Contextual help.

If you get stuck at any point, statscloud has a textbook built into the app you can access at any time. The docs are kept up to date too so you can be sure you're always getting the latest advice.

Make beautiful, interactive charts.

statscloud uses a powerful charting library to create charts that are fully customisable and interactive. Pick from a range of styles and, when you're done, save your charts as high quality .jpg, .png, or .svg files.

A raincloud plot

Learn to code.

If you're serious about stats, statscloud can help you get started with a programming language (e.g. R or Python). It exposes all the code you need to reproduce what you've done in the app, annotates every line, and allows you to export everything whenever you're ready to.

Join users all around the world

People are discovering statscloud all across the world and it is already being used by universities spanning the globe.

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When we were designing our latest undergraduate health science module, we wanted our students to have an opportunity to engage with an easy-to-use and accessible statistics platform that could operate on a broad range of devices and configurations, run on our Moodle-based VLE, and which would allow our students to utilise a range of different graphing and statistical analysis techniques while working within an intuitive interface. statscloud was a perfect fit for us and we are excited to be introducing our students to the platform!!
statscloud is an ideal tool for teaching statistics. It provides an intuitive and easy to use interface that allows students to focus on learning how to analyse and interpret their data rather than memorising menus and tickboxes. Through working entirely in the browser, statscloud has proved especially important where students may have access only to phones, tablets, or Chromebooks. With no expensive licenses and with providing the R code associated with analyses, statscloud provides a great platform for learning.
The simplicity of statscloud has allowed me to cover more content with my students than I ever thought possible. Using other software packages, my introductory statistics students are too overwhelmed with the ambiguity and challenges of navigating the software that we only cover basic hypothesis testing and probabilities. With statscloud, everything is more accessible for students. In the same amount of time, we can easily can move beyond the basics to cover assumptions, power, and effect sizes – providing them with the information they need to run analyses beyond the scope of our course.
statscloud is an ideal tool for teaching. It allows you to create and share projects with students easily and safely. Since I have introduced this tool in my Research Methods classes, my students' perception and grades on the subject have improved substantially.

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