About the app.

A little background on why statscloud was created
and what makes it the modern statistics app of choice.
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Our story

The inspiration for statscloud came from the realisation that stats software needs a refresh. While many apps have innovated and moved forward as technology has progressed (offering modern, touch-friendly interfaces), statistics software has been getting left behind.

Even today, statistics software is only really developed for desktop users. They continue to use interfaces that force you to click through dozens of options and tick-boxes to run an analysis and present the results in long, continuous outputs you cannot interactive with.

We believe there's a better way to do stats.

Our product

statscloud is a touch-friendly, cross-platform statistics package designed for a new generation of researchers.

With statscloud, we've completely rethought how a statistics app should look. We've come up with a brand new, touch-friendly interface that moves beyond the 'tick-box' interface and has a similar feel to many other modern apps.

As statscloud has it's own lightweight statistics package built into it, the app is much more responsive and allows you to interact with your data inside the user-interface, in ways you never could before.

The result is a modern, interactive, and touch-friendly statistics app that allows you to run your analyses in a much more intuitive way, on any device you have, wherever you are.

A tablet and a smartphone with the StatsCloud app on their homepages

Our strategy

We've created a lightweight yet comprehensive statistics package that can run on any device at any time.

It's clear that the future of software lies in web applications and, in particular, Progressive Web Applications; apps that can be installed on any device with a single click / tap, update automatically, and function completely offline.

Up to now, statistics software has relied on big, bulky statistics libraries written in programming languages that cannot run on touch devices, so they will never be able to run on smartphones and tablets offline as native applications.

By making statscloud a Progressive Web Application with it's own built-in stats package, we've ensured that anyone can get started with a statistics app instantly without any setup. This makes it the perfect choice for new users.

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Web app
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Our future

We're just getting started.

statscloud is still early on in development and we have some big plans for the future.

statscloud is already leading the way in the development of a modern statistics app and is establishing itself as the new standard in statistics software. Looking forward, our aim is to be the most widely-used app for teaching statistics to newcomers and bridging them over to programming languages so they have the best start in becoming professional statisticians.

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