statscloud is fast establishing itself as the go-to tool for teaching statistics in higher education. It's modern, touch-friendly interface is extremely popular with students, and its unique teaching tools make it a compelling alternative to other statistics software.

Get started straight away.

Getting every student set up with a new piece of software can sometimes be a challenge but, with statscloud, students can open the app with a single click / tap.

statscloud is a web application, so students don't need to download or install any software to access it; they can start a new project just by clicking this link or scanning a QR code. This also means the app works on any device (mobiles, tablets, Chromebooks, as well as desktops and laptops), so students won't need to buy a new device to operate it.

The whole app can run offline too, so there's no need for your department to run statscloud on a server, set up logins for students, or worry about losing your connection.

Devices running StatsCloud
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Students aren't required to click through lots of options and tick-boxes when running analyses

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Interactive outputs

View formulas, change tests and alpha levels, and edit charts all inside the analysis output

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Responsive design

The app was designed for every device and works as well on phones / tablets as on desktops

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Plain-English summaries

Every analysis has a plain-English explanation so it's easy to make sense of everything on screen

An app built for students.

A clear and recognisable interface is important to help make students feel comfortable with statistics.

Most statistics software is designed for professional statisticians and is often filled with options and tickboxes which many students find overwhelming. However, statscloud has a much more streamlined interface; it focuses on showing students what they need to know and keeps the jargon to a minimum.

Every analysis can be run with a few simple clicks and every test result is fully interactive to encourage students to explore the output at their own leisure. Students can view formulas, toggle alpha levels and test statistics all within the analysis output and watch the the results change instantly.

Teach in ways you couldn't before.

statscloud was designed principally as a teaching tool so it has a whole range of unique teaching tools you won't find in other statistics software.

Use quality visualisations

Visualisations are a great way of teaching concepts in statistics (e.g. data distributions) but stats apps are limited in what charting features they offer. With statscloud though, you can generate high quality, informative charts (e.g. raincloud plots) that normally would not be possible.

Show your working

One key feature of statscloud is the ability to view the formulas behind every calculated statistic. This provides a unique way of integrating statistics theory in stats workshops and showing students worked formulas behind every statistic.

Introduce students to R

The 'Code' tab gives students exposure to a stats programming language (e.g. R) which can help bridge them to the language later on in their career. All the code is annotated line-by-line to help students understand exactly what it does and migrate whenever they're ready to.

screenshot of a primer

Stay up to date.

In summary, statscloud has many features which make it the go-to app for teaching statistics in schools, colleges or universities across a range of academic subjects.

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