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Making stats open
to everyone.

About statscloud.

statscloud is an online statistics package that runs right here in your web browser.

It's designed to make complex statistical analyses really easy to understand and quick and convenient to run.

It's perfect for anyone new to stats (e.g. students of psychology and other social sciences) and professionals too.

homepage-screenshot-data homepage-screenshot-pick-analyses homepage-screenshot-see-results homepage-screenshot-get-help
Import and enter data with an easy-to-use interface
Pick the analysis you want or let statscloud choose for you
See plain-English reports and save them all with a single click
Get detailed help whenever you need it

It works on anything.

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
Desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, and Chromebooks.
You name it.

statscloud was built with a responsive design too, so the interface changes for the device you're using.

Lightning fast.

Say goodbye to egg timers and spinny wheels. statscloud gives you your results instantly. Yep, instantly.

statscloud doesn't rely on big, bulky statistics packages. It uses it's own lightweight statistics package built from the ground-up, and designed specifically to run in web browsers.

It's really, really secure.

Only the code to run statscloud lives in "the cloud". Once it's loaded on your device, it's contained safely within your browser.

No data leaves your device. Nothing passes through a server. Once you close your browser. Boom. It's gone.

Read more about data security here

Give it a go.

statscloud is in beta at the moment but it's still ready to try out.