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Press kit.

This page contains some assets that can be used to help promote statscloud.

If you would like to produce some materials that use statscloud, then please feel free to use the media below.


Below is a link to a collection of statscloud logos. You're welcome to use these logos on any materials you create to promote statscloud (e.g. lecture slides / teaching materials).

If you do use the logo, please don't edit it (even if you don't like it); it took a long time to get right! Similarly, please try not to reshape or distort the logo (so the aspect ratio changes); noone likes to see squashed logos!

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QR Codes.

QR codes are a great way of linking people to webpages. As the statscloud app is accessed through a webpage, and doesn't require users to install or download any software, a QR code can take users straight to a new project on whatever device they're using.

You may find it useful to include this QR code on lecture slides and teaching materials so that students can scan it and immediately have access to the app.

QR code