statscloud CORE.

statscloud CORE is the primary version of statscloud.

It's completely free to use, works offline, and can run on any device. This makes it ideal for students, those working with sensitive data, or researchers participating in an Open Science project with a public dataset.

Because statscloud CORE runs on your device, and doesn't require any interaction with a server, all of your analyses are computed on your device. This means that your data is secure, and all your analyses are computed instantly, without any lag.

Devices running StatsCloud

Key features.

No logins needed

You want to get started with an app straight away, dont you? statscloud CORE doesn't expect you to register or sign-up. You can open it up with a single click (or tap).

Use it offline

Working on a train, on a plane, or over some dodgy public WiFi? Never stress about being frozen out of the app or people getting access to your data by keeping everything secure on your device.

Store your data your way

statscloud CORE doesn't store data in any of your projects. Instead, you're free to keep your data stored wherever you like. You can import your data from a place on your device, a cloud-hosting package, or a public URL.

Data security.

With statscloud CORE, you can be sure that your data is always safe, simply because your data never leaves your device. Because statscloud CORE doesn't require any interaction with a server, and works completely offline, absolutely everything about your data stays on your device.

You can import your data into the statscloud CORE app through the 'import' button and, when you perform analyses on your data, all computations are done on your device. If you would like to save the analyses you have performed in statscloud, you can copy a report of the analyses output or export the R code whenever you're ready to. You can also generate a template of your project through the 'Share' button; this will generate a URL of your project but without your data. If you'd like to return to your project, you simply open the link at any time and re-import your data safely.

Open Science.

statscloud CORE was designed to support researchers who wish to participate in Open Science.

If working with public datasets, statscloud CORE users are encouraged to upload their data file to a public repository, such as the Open Science Framework or GitHub. If a data file from a public URL is imported into statscloud CORE, you can generate a shareable link to your project that will load up your data when your project opens. This link can also contain information on any analyses you have run or any charts you have created. As you edit your public data file, the link generated by statscloud CORE will load up the data that is in that file at the time and will rerun any analyses that you have declared as part of your generated URL.


statscloud CORE is blazingly fast. Instead of relying on a big, bulky statistics packages, it uses it's own lightweight statistics package built from the ground up and designed specifically to run in web browsers and touch devices.

To ensure statscloud stays fast, statscloud CORE has some limits on the size of datasets. Specifically, users of statscloud CORE are limited to 500 rows and 250 columns. Although browsers are extremely powerful, they can still be overloaded, so this limit is there to ensure the app doesn't lock up with any analyses.

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